All About Phone Cases, Protectors, Skins, and Covers

We all use different kinds of protection for our smartphones. The type of protection may vary from device to device, but the ultimate aim of everyone is to safeguard the devices against accidental damages and scratches. Today you will know more about cases, skins, protectors, and covers so you can choose the right one for your device. 

Mobile phones and different types of protective equipment

Mobile phones can fall anywhere as we use them all the time. A phone may have scratches or damages or even can break. Therefore, many companies manufacture protective gear like cases, covers, skins, etc., to make the devices safe. Let’s learn more about this protective equipment. 

  • Cases: Cases are designed to protect the back and side portion of the device. They are found according to the device’s shape, size, and model type. These cases are widely used to reduce the risk of damages. 
  • Protectors: Protectors add an extra layer of plastic or glass on the mobile phone’s screen to protect the display from scratches. You often install tempered glass on your mobile’s screen to eliminate the risk of screen damages. 
  • Skins: As the name says, skins are designed to provide a beautiful look by adding a thin layer of protection on the device’s exterior. You can make your device safe only from scratches by adding skins. You can’t protect the device from damage. 
  • Covers: They are designed to work in both cases and protectors. They are made using leather and make the back portion of the phone safer and protect the front. 

Cases for ultimate protection

Phone cases are used widely to protect the device adequately. Your current phone may have a case. They are available in different designs according to the phone’s model. Let’s see why they are right?

Many manufacturers make back portions of the phone using glass or plastic. That is why you don’t get the correct grip over your phone. When you add a case on your device, you get a tight grip over your phone. Cases also save the screen of the device. Because they have bumps on the side area. You can also choose a case according to your style and personality. You can create a fashion trend by adding a matching case of your clothes. 

Protectors to prevent scratches and cracks 

As cases are made to protect the phone from the backside, protectors can save your phone display from scratches and damages. They are found in different varieties and designs. Protectors play an essential role in protecting the real display. They are popularly known as tempered glass. They are thick and transparent and can break if your phone faces a hard fall from the screen side while protecting the actual screen. Moreover, you can also face screen responsiveness issues if you have installed them on a device with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. 

Make your phone decorative with skins

Skins only save the phone from minor scratches but change the outer look of the device completely. They mostly help when someone wants to hide their device’s dull and monotonous look by adding an attractive layer of skins. They are also useful to secure the original look to the last longer. Apart from using skins on smartphones, you can use them to change the look of other tech stuff, including laptops, earbuds, and more. 

Which is the right for your phone?

You can choose one from all this protective gear based on the level of protection you want to get. The case is the first everyone wants to get for their phone. So, first, you can go with a decent case that best suits your smartphone. After protecting your phone’s back and edges with a robust case, the other right thing to consider is a screen protector that will eliminate the risk of display break and damage. In addition to it, if you want to go longer with the phone’s real look, skins are ideal for this work. 

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